Monday, December 10, 2012


FIRST: A story I made up to help me study Biology

When you walk into a club and you see the popular monomers: fructose, glucose and galactose... hells yea

 if the scene is happening than its all glycogen; if not they are all phat sitting on the sidelines yawning waiting for
 a good song

 if the scene is happening than its all glycogen; if not they are all phat sitting on the sidelines yawning waiting for a good song

all the monomers together now!!! all the monosacharides together now!!! for that exoskeleton, form those plant cell walls... be united in the club

wut? wut? glycogen baby!!!! the one sober friend on the side who is an animal at taking care of you when you've had too much too drink and holds your stuff an gives you what you need... energy storing molecules for the win

 Get those peptide bonds on the person in front of you. hold them tight. now and again stick your peptide bond and hold the person to the left of you. now to the right of you. now grab your belt(peptide bond) and tie yourself to the person in front of you... some of you take your silk scarf(peptide bond) and tie it to the person behind you. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary Structures. ok ok goood song... now time for some contra dancing? in a club you say? hell yes its my club and i do what i want yea!!!

we are gonna start simple... a primary structure. ready? play that wicked song dj... if you see lady gaga throw her out of this nerdy club

Monday, November 19, 2012

why oh why?

Lord help me the more I live in this world the more frustrated I get. Why? Well we can have a cell phone be basically a damn computer BUT humanity is just getting worse and worse. And if humanity is getting worse and worse in the states? I am scared to think what happens in other parts of the world. Actually we know a little too well Palestine, Israel, stuff on the African continent. Hate hate and more hate. Im tired of hearing stories of nothing but hate. Sure there are those that do good but how bout time to hear that by some miraculous reason people decided this fighting and this arguing like school children isn't getting us any where. How bout we stop and sit and talk. God damn im so so so tired of adults showing the younger generation that hateful speech and a "holier than thou" attitude is the way to go. Enough is enough people. GROW THE FUCK UP and stop flinging your own poop.
And if by some reason you think you are one of the better educated I say to you stop being full of shit. Sure money got you to a place you are now BUT that does not mean you know everything. It doesn't mean if you tend to be more progressive than others that you are on the safe side of ignorance. Safe side means that you are not ignorant. Trust me there are things you don't realize you are very wrong and ignorant. Some things that you say to your friends, those people go... Uhm right!!! You come across as a jerk but because you are so refined and set in your place they know better than to say anything.
Moral of the story? Who ever you are question it now and again. Do yourself and the world a favor. Be more aware of who you are.
Im tired of befriending people who get stuck in this zone of I know everything now. And I stop because its hard to question and ask wtf is going on.

Am I crazy? Most likely and I am ok with that but... that's as good as I get.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Because Life's a Pain in the Ass

That's right I'm the one not looking. And that's what I mean by life being a pain in the ass. Every one looks presentable. I refuse to look presentable :D Life's too serious.

I hear no evil. I also may be getting a radio signal. The aliens are coming
These chairs an table remind me of a coffee shop my sister and I went to in Germany. Bujorica remember?
So many thoughts. So little time.
The man's always getting us little people down.
These groceries are heavy.
If we work together we can pretend there's no assholes, no idiots, and rude jerks. Are you in?

and this is my silly face bwahahahaha

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Last of My Brain Cell

"How are you?" is the question I find myself answering quite a lot now a days. My first instinct is to start screaming and showing them the back of my head as I am running away to answer their question. A tad bit too dramatic? I never claimed to be sane, normal, or calm. 

I swear I am going some where with this. Well lately what with working thirty two hours a week and going to school I have been some what stressed. I find myself beating myself up. Because I mean really why take it out on some one else when you can make yourself miserable? Any one? Any one? Exactly my point. I find myself feeling sorry for me. I find myself saying its not fair. I find myself blubbering; these grades, suck, am I not good enough, do I just give up?.  

And at this moment I find myself closer to that asshole I swore I would never become. You know the asshole that has a pretty decent life yet his life is always just sooooo horrible? His life according to him is like a country song. He gets kicked in the head by a mule, his dog runs away, and now he's sitting in a bar wishing his woman hadn't left him. The boss gave him a strike Mean while all could think about is....

You got kicked in the head and have  access to some decent doctors. ok the dog running away... pretty awful. Your woman left you? You at least had some one. Your truck, your house, your running water, heat and food is more than one country combined has and you going boohoo poor me?

Than I stop and think. A fourteen year old girl was shot in the head all because some religious nut jobs don't think girls should be educated. And I'm complaining about waking up in time for class? I go wah wah I got to go to school. Even in this country USA jobs are harder to come by due to the economic stuff. And here I am crying in the toilets I clean that boohoo I wish I was at home sleeping. Yea its cleaning toilets but I have a paying job that assures my independence.  

I have a job, I can go to school with out people harassing me(minus my dad who can't seem to stop pushing me to do math with him; at this point this is harassment to the other side of the spectrum), I have running water, I have food, I have a roof over my head, I have heat in the house, I have a partner who is there for me, and lets not forget my lovely sweetie pie Angus.

So yea in the long run life's not so bad as I some times tend to make it out to be. Cuz really it could be worse. 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

a funny kid a funny story

so if you can tell what the writing says I will translate so you get the hilarity and creativity of this child's mind. This is one of the many reasons I want to teach elementary age children. 

So Ill start with the writing in the black than rewrite the child's sentences. Keep in mind this is a third grader and the child's sentences aren't quite correct.

Just as I was turning to see where the voice was coming from, the door slammed shut! I ran to it and tried to push it open but of course, it was locked. Now we had to to go on, we could not turn back...Mark and Sam called softly to me and I groped my way toward them in the dark. "I think we can still make it if we stick together and don't panic," Sam cautioned."Here, lets use my belt to keep us together. We can each hold onto a part of it as we walk along and even if we can't see, we can at least know.... " The belt flew out of my hand as Sam"s voice fell beneath us. I fumbled in the dark for a second and then I yelled, "Sam we will find you!" Right then and there I....

saw and Abraham Lincoln zombie

I ran but I was cornered

I saw Aliah Michael Jacksons and Chuck Norisses 

But when grim reaper came and protected me 

When he wasn't looking Abraham Lincoln zombie bit me

I slept

Grim Reaper tried to wake me

No but it was just my mom

She said it was Halloween and I had to go pick a costum from walmart

It was just a relief.

The army of Chuck Norisses and the army of Michale Jackson's had me laughing my ass off.... Work isn't so bad after all. 

Over and out Maslina si Cartoful

P.S. Bujorule, I saw this and had to share with you 

Monday, October 29, 2012


Its been four years since my last entry. I am much wiser much cuter much... Ok ok so I'm the same dipshit I was four years ago. But an older dipshit. I now have a very very cute doggie. I came back because my sister reminded me I used to write in here. And I spent a good part of an hour laughing at the older posts I had written with some Facebook friends. Yes in the four years that I was gone Zuckerbooger invented Facebook and I like many idiots on this planet I am addicted to the watered down dumbed down version of myspace. I wonder what because of myspace, not that I gonna google it and let you peoples know. The dog and this guy named James decided that for some reason they should love me. Going to school and maybe one of these years I will actually stop taking classes and have an actual career. That's if I can get it together. As the saying goes in this day and era "peace out"

Monday, June 16, 2008